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"Caltex the brand born in the year 1936 and now part of Chevron Corporation"

The Caltex Star stands for quality, value and service. Most importantly, it stands for our commitment to you, our customer.

Our creed of quality, professionalism, service and efficiency dictates that you are always satisfied with our distinctive value through modern and well-managed facilities, high-quality products and services, and fast and polite service.

We firmly believe in treating our customers as individuals, not "profit margins". Our brand is designed to renew your drive and keep you on the go, so that you can stay focused on reaching your own goals.

To further our efforts in building our relationship with you, Caltex will continue to explore all partnerships that will enable us to better and consistently deliver on our brand promise.

As you can see, our customers are the motivation behind everything we do, from our advertising, products and services, to our staff and community programmes.

In other words, the Caltex brand is all about you.

For Further information http://www.caltex.com/global