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1975 - KTB Founded by Mr. Rafael Katebe in Lubumbashi, Dem. Rep. Congo (Formerly Zaire).
First person in the region opening gateway, bringing Frozen Food for the local public.

1982 - Sole and proud supplier to Gecamine, world's 2nd largest copper producer those days.

1985 - First Industrial fishing from the Lakes of the Region.

2000 - Expanded our reach to local public on their locations crossing 15 retail outlets.

2002 - Expanded to trade on Agricultural Commodities and FMCGs.

2005 - One of the biggest food importer in DRC.
Further expansion for 30 Retail outlets, fully equipped with Cold Storages.

2007 - KTB Butchery started to provide quality processed meat products.

2008 - Pioneer Industrial Bakery Started in Katanga Province.

2009 - Concept of Vanille & Chocolat Restaurant Chain, started with smaller Coffee Shop and Expanded to full-fledged Restaurant.

2010 - Cross border Haulage Service, catering Southern African Countries and fleet of trucks Maintained in South Africa.

2011 - Additional volume Cold Storage warehouses (1200 Ton Capacity of Storage).

2012 - IT Solutions, Services and Product Sales .

2013 -Wholesale, Distribution and Industry in Mozambique >
Modernisation of Bakery unit for further larger production capacity with sophisticated machineries.

2014 - Authorized distributorship of Caltex Lubricants for Katanga Province